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    Default God Did a Wonderful Thing For Me!

    God Did a Wonderful Thing For Me! by John W. Peterson

    I was a sinner all covered with shame
    Lost and defiled with no merit to claim
    Somehow God loved me in spite of my sin
    Saved me, redeemed me and cleansed me within

    God did a wonderful thing for me, One glorious happy day.
    God did a wonderfu lthing for me when he took all my sin away.

    Could I forget it- that wondrerful time
    WhenI was saved twas a moment sublime
    All thru life's journey I'll sing of His love
    Someday I'll tell it to angels above.

    Numberless blessing He since has bestowed
    Mercies from heaven like rivers have flowed
    Somany wonderful things He has done
    And, praise th the Lord, He has only begun!

    There is No Greater Love
    by John W. Peterson

    The love of friend and lover Is often sweetly sung
    But no greater love than the Saviour's love Can be told by mortal tongue

    There is no greater love Than that of Christ above
    That made Him stoop to earth , become a man
    And by His death provide redemption's plan
    There is no greater love, That's why I'm singing of
    God's love so rich and free---revealed at Calvary--
    There is no greater love!

    With value more than money, Or jewels rich and rare
    There is naught on earth of an equal worth
    Oh, His love's beyond compare!

    If He had died for angels Or seraphim on high
    We could understand, but amazed we stand
    That for sinners lost He'd die!

    Calvary Conquered my Heart! by John W. Peterson

    I was a rebel and stranger from God,
    Willful and selfish the path that I trod
    Carelessly walking sin's highway so broad
    When Calvary conquered my heart!

    Calvary conquered my heart!
    Calvary conquered my heart!
    When I gazed at the tree,
    Saw Christ dying for me
    Then Calvary conquered my heart!

    Just to behold him- my Saviour so fair
    Bleeding and dying in agony there,
    Knowing my sin in Himself He did bear
    Made Calvary conquer my heart.

    Now He has won me- I'm His evermore
    Gladly I'll worship Him- love and ador
    Here on earth's journey to Heaven's bright shore
    For Calvary conquered my heart!
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    Read the Bible!


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    Default great lyrics!

    My Song by John W. Peterson

    Why should I sing of lesser things And things that pass away
    When I’ve a friend like Jesus now To sing about each day

    I have no song to sing But that of Christ my King
    To Him my praise I’ll bring Forever more!
    His love beyond degree, His death that ransomed me
    Now and eternally I’ll sing it o’er.
    I find no more delight in other songs
    My melody of love to Christ belongs;
    I have no song to sing But that of Christ my King
    To Him my praise I’ll bring For-ev-er-more!

    He is the theme of angel song That fills the heaven’s above
    Should I not join their chorus sweet And praise the Lord I love!

    the story of this one, is that he wrote it after turning down a lucrative offer for one of his songs, only- they wanted him to take Jesus' name out of it, and make it a love song.
    Read the Bible!


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    thank you, thank you, thank you!

    It's not, Do you have the Holy Spirit; but, Does the Holy Spirit have you? How much does He have of you?



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