I counseled with a person recently who had been using a TTY relay service from his office (deaf...relay operator voices and types for conversation between deaf and hearing person).

He has done this quite a few times and no problems really.

Later, he took some time off from field work and began doing paper work at home.

We now have Videophone for the Deaf. It is a camera that sits on your TV top and you call a person thru the cable modem on computer/router and u just sit there and you talk..NO DELAY.

Well my friend called the same company he was doing business with. The person on the other end of the line noticed a diffence in the introduction by the operator. This time he was using VIDEO RELAY.. much faster,, you sign to the relay operator and she voices and then signs back.

"Sorry sir, we cannot accept this call, please call us from TTY relay, thank you." HUNG UP


He called back and explained again and again, the person for the company said she would not accept any VIDEO relay calls.

Are these people STUPID??????????????