So the problem with going to college at a baptist school like Bob Jones University thatís actively working toward returning America to the 1740s is that there are some super ridiculous rules. For example, you can only watch certain TV shows off-campus like Girls and Breaking Bad and reruns of Real Sex. Just kidding. Those shows are most definitely on the banned list.

Chris Peterman, a student at BJU (insert middle school sense of humor here), claims watching Glee on his computer at an off-campus Starbucks got him in big trouble with the school. So much trouble in fact, that they banned him from graduating by suspending him.

While I think we can all agree that the plot doesnít always makes sense on the show, I doubt thatís why itís on their unapproved list. Iím going to take a wild guess here and assume it has something to do with their positive portrayal of LGBT students as well as their openess when it comes to discussing teen sexuality.

Peterman said watching Glee was the last straw for his school when it came to Satan-like behavior. They didnít use the word Satan of course, but when you read about the horrible, horrible things he did at school this year, youíll surely understand why I chose to use that reference.

Chris Peterman says officials at the conservative Baptist college began targeting him after he organized a group dedicated to ending sexual abuse. He was cited and given demerits for frivolous reasons like returning late to his dorm and not shaving, he claims. Peterman believes the final straw was when a fellow student saw him watching Glee on his computer while at a Starbucks.

Look if God wanted people to end sexual abuse and stop shaving, he would never have let Schick advertise during Law & Order: SVU. Think my logic is flawed? Iím just using the same common sense that BJU used to make its decision not to let Peterman graduate.

Theyíre not the only ones that God speaks to. Why just this morning God texted me and asked what I was doing tonight. But I was all like, ďum God, itís already Friday. Donít send me a pity text because your plans fell through.Ē

While Peterman has faith that God will help him through this, I have faith that Ryan Murphy will read this story and offer him a cameo on the show. Or a BJ(U) theme week. Either or.

This Student Was Kicked Out Of College For Watching Glee